Welcome to my travel blog. Although I’m a published fiction writer, I have a second passion; travel. All my life I’ve loved the idea of travelling to new places, meeting new people, and exploring the world we all live in. When I was about 12 years of age, my parents began taking my three siblings and I for 2-3 week vacations to Florida every winter. First dad rented motor homes, as this was the best and cheapest way to vacation with 4 children and often my aunt who was only 4 years my senior. Then dad got the bug and decided RVing was the way to go and purchased a 21′ Winnebago! What fun and exciting times we had in that roving home. We’d leave on a Friday after my dad got home from his job as a self-employed contractor, we’d all pile in, and dad would declare that NOW the vacation began. Both he and my mother also love to travel, and with a quest for adventure, we’d set out on the road down the I75 toward Florida. They never pre-booked RV sites, we stayed at rest areas along the way, and if we saw signs to some interesting attraction along the way, off we’d go. I remember Six Guns Territory in Tennessee, Look-out Mountain, Tennessee, Mamoth Caves in Kentucky, and antebellum mansion tours in Georgia. During those first years, we’d head immediately to the Gulf coast, to places like Engelwood and Lemon Bay, Fort Myers, and beaches stretching all along that coast. Back then we’d simply pull up on a deserted stretch and park the RV and spend a couple of days fishing, camping, swimming, all free and all exciting fun. Of course now you can’t do that, and the beaches we haunted back in the 1970’s have changed drastically, but what memories we had! Believe it or not, back then Disney World wasn’t on my parent’s radar, but eventually they succumbed to the lure of the amusement park, and in so doing, created a legacy of family Disney goers. We reveled in all “Uncle Walt” had designed, and we went back year after year, still in the RV, but now we stayed for several days or a week at the campground at Fort Wilderness. Again, the memories we made and the ones that come tumbling back every time I enter the gates to the Magic Kingdom, or stroll the sidewalks of Fort Wilderness. My dad became the ultimate Disney World lover, and he passed that love along to me and my middle sister. My brother and youngest sister also loved it, but I don’t think they did with the passion and excitement we three did, and still do!

Of course life gets in the way, and after divorcing my first husband, for many years I was restricted in my travelling endeavours. I was busy raising my two children as a single parent, working full-time as a medical secretary, then re-marriage to my current husband, and integrating our families of five (then teenaged) children. They were tough, very tough, years for me, but I got through them. Stronger? Yes, definitely, and perhaps even a little wiser.

Now that I work from home as a full-time writer at age 55, and my husband is semi-retired from his 30 year career as a Bell Canada manager, I’m finally at a place in my life where I can indulge some travel again.  With our significantly reduced finances due to our mutual commitment to my writing, which also necessitated downsizing considerably, we had to re-examine when and how to indulge our love of travel. When pushed, I tend to think outside the box. I don’t like giving up on my dreams, so I look at things from every angle to come up with new solutions. I’d heard about housesitting via a magazine article and it intrigued me. You see, I realized that one of the most expensive aspects to travel was, after getting there, accommodation. Here was a way to travel to off-the-beaten-track places I’d never been before, stay in a nice home, help homeowners who needed someone to look after property and/or pets, and still spend time exploring new areas, learning new history, and meeting new people! What a win-win!

Two years ago my husband and I embarked on our first house-sitting adventure in Easley, South Carolina, and that began a love affair with house sitting. As home and pet owners for years, we knew what people needed and wanted in a sitter, and were experienced and mature enough to provide it in exchange for the opportunity to stay in their home and visit their locale.

Join me as I recount our travels, experiences, and share some of our loves of travel, both via house sitting, and just hitting the road on our own. If you have any comments or suggestions, I invite you to share them! Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire me and others to visit some of your favorite places. 🙂

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